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parallel-shaft gear reducer / transmission / winch
Galbiati Group S.r.l.



  • Shaft orientation:


  • Other characteristics:

    transmission, winch

  • Rotational speed:

    1,450 rpm (9,110.62 rad.min-1)

  • Power:

    264 kW (358.94 hp)


Gearbox for winch Galbiati Group has recently manufactured a control
gear for a converter-winch for the Rourkela steel mill in India. The control
gear for the winch is controlled by two electric motors with a total power
output of 264 kW/1450 RPM. The slow-running axis rotates at a speed of
7.18/3.02 RPM (the gear ratio is therefore 201/480). Equipped with a
pneumatic auxiliary motor with 38 kW and 1500 RPM. the various final
speeds are achieved through the positioning process (controlled by micro
switch) with two toothed transmissions and a speed of 0. The gearbox is
fitted with a welded, annealed, sanded metal housing that was processed
on a modern CNC machine tool, of which Galbiati Group owns quite a
few. Toothed wheels with single-screw made of high-quality 18NiCrMo5
steel, cemented with a surface hardness of 58-60 HRC according to the
quality standards ISO- DIN 6/7. The gearbox is equipped with a slow-
moving shaft made of molybdenum-alloyed steel as well as high-quality
ball bearing designed for a minimal life span of 50,000 hours at full
operation and speed.

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