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straight-toothed gear wheel
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straight-toothed gear wheel straight-toothed gear wheel


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Gear Toothed segments for elevation control of Radio Telescopes We have partnerships with leading companies that manufacture and build systems for Defense Departments (Parabolic antennas and radio telescopes), in particular where high quality and precision is required, narrow dimensional tolerances and the use of high-strength materials. Galbiati Group has built gear toothed segments for handling the elevation of 24m parabolic antennas for satellite communications for a South Korean customer. The gear toothed segments are generally positioned in series along the supporting structure of the radio telescope, in order to create toothed circumferences with diameters greater than 30 meters and, therefore, suitable for handling elevations of radio telescopes with diameters greater than even 60 meters. Using CNC controlled 5-axis machine tools (CNC milling and boring machines), Galbiati Group is also able to obtain toothed segments with a quality of toothing surpassing ISO-DIN 7 standards for each single toothed segment, which is the quality normally obtainable with specific tool machines for creating precision toothing (Gearing and grinding). Some photos of the gear toothing segments created at the Galbiati Group assembly area.

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