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CNC deep hole drilling machine / for tube sheets / multi-spindle
Galbiati Group S.r.l.



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    for tube sheets

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Multi-spindle machines for deep drilling tube plates As the components that need to be drilled are becoming larger and the materials more difficult to process, sometimes it is necessary to drill parts that are up to one metre thick. The machines, at the same time, still have to guarantee the same level of accuracy and repeatability. Successful deep hole drilling requires monitoring the formation of chips, good lubrication and, consequently, appropriate cooling and effective evacuation of chips. In many cases, it is necessary to drill deep holes with a length more than 100 times their diameter. This requires an extreme level of accuracy when it comes to dimensional tolerances and, subsequently, to surface finishing. In this respect, stock removal takes on an essential role: it is a manufacturing process that requires a solid Know-how for the design of hi-tech, reliable and robust machines. Coolant supply and chip evacuation in deep hole drilling have been developed through the use of different systems and technologies. These include gun drills or the single tube system BTA (STS). BTA deep hole drilling has more advantages compared to gun drilling, which is the most common method and is now out of date: this in fact, thanks to its drill chuck, allows more rigidity and accuracy since it does not have the traditional longitudinal slot that gun drills have. Moreover, the continuous circulation of coolant, which enters from the outside of the tube and comes round from the inside, ensures that chips are easily ejected to the outside and that the drill is constantly lubricated and cooled.