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CNC deep hole drilling machine / for heat exchangers / double-spindle
STS/BTA Galbiati Group S.r.l.



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    for heat exchangers

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We have recently realized deep-hole drilling machine with 2 spindles for the deep-hole drilling of tube plates for STS/BTA single tube sheet heat exchangers up to a diameter of 51.7 mm.

The BTA deep-hole drilling system has a drill chuck tube instead of the conventional longitudinal groove of lip drills. This greatly improves the cutting speed and travel of the tool and makes it about 4-6 times more productive than the Gundrill system.

The two spindles- deep hole drilling machine in question also has a third spindle for additional processes like milling of the workpiece or drilling of the same using tip inserts up to 80 mm in diameter, with an automatic system for locking/releasing the tool on the spindle.

The final test was carried out in the assembly area of Galbiati Group’s workshop, at the presence of the customer, and to the full satisfaction of both parties