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girth gear for the steel industry / for the iron and steel sector
Galbiati Group S.r.l.



  • Applications:

    for the steel industry, for the iron and steel sector


Girth gears for metallurgy industry

Complete supply of two large size girth gears for metallurgy industry.

Galbiati Group performed machining operations on two large size girth gears mainly intended for metallurgy industry applications.

The girth gears consist of two congruent half-rings and of forged, turned and joined components to facilitate packing and shipment operations.

Firstly, the machining cycle included a turning operation followed by gear cutting and drilling.

Technical details:
◦Diameter: 4,670 mm
◦Module: 25
◦Material: 355/35 CrMo4
◦Induction hardening on tooth side HRC55.

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