HVAC relative humidity and temperature transmitter
35 - 100 %rH, -10 °C ... +60 °C | (T)FG120 Galltec Mess- und Regeltechnik

The Polyga® humidity measuring element consists of several synthetic fabric bands each with 90 individual fibres with a diameter of 3 μm each. In their untreated state, the synthetic fibres are not hygroscopic - their hygroscopic properties are acquired by means of a special process which allows the synthetic fibres to absorb moisture. The molecular structure of the individual fibres is arranged lengthways. When water is absorbed, the molecular chains alter, the outward result being a change in length. A loss of water has a converse effect on the fibre. If the fibre is in equilibrium with the air humidity, there is neither absorption nor a loss of water. The length at this point serves as a gauge for the relative humidity. If the measuring element is exposed to an air humidity of 100%rh, a film of water forms on the surface of the element (dew point). The physical effect is one as if the measuring element had been immersed in water. The measuring element is saturated. An ideal fixed point is thus attained for adjusting or controlling the sensors. The measuring element is waterresistant. Once administered to the Galltec measuring element, the hygroscopic properties remain stable, the sensitivity remaining until it becomes destroyed by extraneous influences. Regeneration as with fine-measuring elements is not necessary, but does not cause any harm.


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