relative humidity and temperature sensor / plug-in / with temperature measurement / compact
IA / IR series Galltec Mess- und Regeltechnik



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    with temperature measurement, compact, with analog output


The products in the I series are compact sensors that comes in a rod-type design, with robust connecting and plug-in connections, needed to measure temperature and relative humidity with impressive high precision in air and various non-aggressive gases as well. The items can be used for various applications, but for higher requirements, the manufacturer recommends using a version with a higher degree of protection and special filters.

If customers use the sensor in meteorology with high wind speeds and other similar conditions, or if the sensor is exposed to sand, salt mist and dust, the humidity sensing element will be protected by a PTFE filter. The advantage of this is that improved temperature dynamics are possible even at low air speeds. Users can independently calibrate sensors for this device.