relative humidity and temperature sensor / plug-in / air / for indoor use
IAK / IRK series Galltec Mess- und Regeltechnik



  • Type:


  • Mounting:


  • Applications:

    air, for indoor use, industrial

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, with temperature measurement, compact


The Mela®-humidity/-temperature sensors from the I series are compact sensors engineered with a rod-type design. The product has a cable, a connecting head or a plug-in connection to accurately measure relative humidity and temperature in air and in non-aggressive gases. The sensors in the series come in either an RS485-interface and are suitable for data transfer via MODBUS-RTU protocol, or they may be available in an RS232-interface and are fitted for data transfer via the ASCII protocol.

The sensors are equipped with a ZE17-type gauze filter. They may be used in a diverse array of applications, but it is recommended to use a version with other filters. If the product will be used in meteorology, there will be a greater level in protection.