displacer level switch / conductive / for liquids / multi-point



  • Technology:

    conductive, displacer

  • Medium:

    for liquids

  • Other characteristics:


  • Process temperature:

    70 °C, 90 °C, 100 °C (158 °F)


This equipment uses 2 to 5 rods for detecting 1 to 4 levels. It is available with or without an integrated temperature sensor. It can easily control minimum and maximum levels. The device can be used for safe control and monitoring of the liquid level in tanks by using level rod-probes. NS/NT level rod-probes use conductive principles for their operations. Therefore, it can only be used for electrically conductive liquids (conductivity >10 μS). The unit also needs suitable electronic controllers such as ETS100, ENR200/300 as it is a purely passive device.