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FAAST 8100 Gamewell-FCI

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smoke detector smoke detector - FAAST 8100


The FAAST 8100 aspirating smoke detector combines
dual source {blue LED and infra-red laser) optical smoke detection
with advanced algorithms to detect a wide range of fires while
maintaining enhanced immunity to nuisance particulates.This
enables FAAST to accurately detect incipient fire conditions as early
as 30 to 60 minutes before a fire actually starts for Early Warning Fire
Detection and Very Early Warning Fire Detection.
For initial system creation, the PipelQ* software guides users through
pipe layout The software also provides intuitive control over system
configuration and ongoing system monitoring. An installed device
can be monitored through its integral display, from a computer
connected to the device, or remotely through a computer browser
or mobile device when the detector is connected to the Internet
via its Ethernet port. When Internet-connected. FAAST can also
e-mail status updates to appropriate personnel. The detector can
communicate alarm levels^ urgent and minor faults, and isolate
inputs via eight form C relays.