AC/DC power supply / regulated / closed frame / battery charger
CDP8 Gamewell-FCI



  • Type:


  • Output:


  • Other characteristics:

    closed frame, battery charger

  • Input voltage:

    Max.: 220 V

    Min.: 120 V

  • Output voltage:

    24 V


The Gamewell-FCI CDP8 Constant-Duty Power Supply is
a regulated, power-limited. 24 VDC. 8.0 amp. power supply
which can be used anywhere a constant 24 VDC source is
required. The CDP8 is suited and UL-Listed for fire alarm,
access control, and general power supply applications.
The Gamewell-FCI CDP8 provides four (4) power-limited,
24 VDC. 3.0 amp. outputs. Each output can be individually
configured to shed its load (turn off) during a power failure
to extend available standby battery power for designated
critical circuits.
Each output circuit is monitored for overload or shorted
conditions, with the trouble condition indicated by a specific
circuit trouble LED and activation of the common trouble
relay. Overloaded circuits will automatically restore when
the overload is removed.