machine foot / zinc-coated steel / swivel / leveling
GN 6311.4 Ganter



  • Applications:


  • Material:

    zinc-coated steel

  • Type:

    swivel, leveling

  • Other characteristics:


  • Diameter:

    Max.: 60 mm

    Min.: 50 mm


Levelling feet GN 6311.4 are normally used when a thread is present at the machine side to adjust the height.

The pin diameter d3 is smaller than the core diameter of the thread, with the effect that the screw can be turned in at the pin. The pressure pin is easily inserted into the plate, with the retaining ring ensuring that the assembly is secure in axial direction.

The static load of the levelling feet GN 6311.4 is limited by the laod capacity of the grub screw (Tensile strength class 5.8). The static load values (only valid for Type OS/KS) in the above table refer to a net vertical load in relation to the ball socket. Under normal operating conditions side loading or angular loading is not uncommon and the load capacity would be considerable reduced which must be taken into consideration.