position indicator / digital / direct-reading / integrated
GN 000.3 Ganter



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  • Display:

    digital, direct-reading

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Position indicators GN 000.3 have been shaped for installation into different operating devices.

The salient features of these counters are:

The housing, the hand spindle, and safety glass are produced from one piece of material and ultrasonically welded to give a spray water proof and corrosion free unit (Protection class IP 67).

The pendulum system is fitted with ball bearings to give the most accurate reading usable up to a spindle inclination of 60° angular.

The numbers in the counter are very clear and the decimal numbers are shown in red.

One complete revolution of the red pointer corresponds to one revolution of the spindle. This gives a very accurate reading and, combined with the digital indication from the counter, it is very simple to read.