diesel engine winch / sled-mounted
max. 110 kN | GW 350 D GANTNER Seilbahnbau


  • Operation:

    diesel engine

  • Other characteristics:



Fully hydrostatic sledwinch for efficient, economical and environment protecting operation
Payloads up to 10.000 kg max. line pull 110 kN / 155 kN
Versatile use: Up- and downhill transport, endless mainline systems, ground skidding, compatible with all carriage systems
Simple operation: Joystick operation with continuous regulation of line pull and line speed, electric starter, easy to view gauges, position indication,pinpoint automatic
Allterrain: Sled design, closed bottom plate, roller fairlead
Long life: Steel construction, overload protection through pressure control valves, service friendly, Gantner - warranty and consulting package