Orbital grinding machine / finishing / numerical control / for curved and straight pipe
ø 5 - 50 mm | LPC 160 GARBOLI


  • Type:


  • Associated function:


  • Control type:

    numerical control

  • Product application:

    for curved and straight pipe


The LPC 160 is an orbital grinding machine manufactured by GARBOLI. This machine is fitted with two independent motors, 1 for disc rotation and another 1 for grinding belts rotation. The machine is supplied ready to work with standard equipment like, motors voltage 400V / 50Hz, a n°2 plastic boards to hold work pieces during procedures and CE conformity declaration.

It utilizes an abrasive belts for grinding, buffing and satin finishing straight or bent items made of stainless steel, brass, iron, aluminum or any other kind of metal having an elliptical or irregular section.


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