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chemical pump / with electric motor / self-priming / diaphragm
F120 series Gardner Denver Thomas



  • Media:

    for chemicals

  • Operation:

    with electric motor

  • Priming:


  • Type:


  • Domain:

    laboratory, for hygienic applications, medical

  • Other characteristics:

    chemical-resistant, dry, suction, for industrial applications, suction, horizontal mount

  • Flow:

    0.26 l/min, 0.9 l/min (0.0687 us gal/min)

  • Power:

    22.4 W, 24 W (0.03 hp)


The liquid diaphragm pump engineered by Thomas offers an up to 900ml/min operating capacity. Its maximum pressure height is 60mH20 with a maximum suction height (dry) of up to 4mH20. The device is applicable for a variety of operations in the chemical industry, hygiene, medical devices, industrial productions, laboratory and analysis.

It is self priming, dry running and works well for consistent production The motor shaft should ideally be horizontal.