concentration monitoring system / mercury / with CVAF spectrometer / continuous
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    with CVAF spectrometer, continuous


Continuous Mercury Monitoring system (CMM)
The Gasmet CMM mercury monitoring system can measure the lowest concentrations of total mercury in samples containing high amounts of dust and gases such as SO2, which traditionally have complicated mercury measurement in e.g. installations such as coal-fired power plants stations and power plants co-incinerating refuse derived fuels. Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence (CVAF) offers detection of nanograms of Mercury in a cubic meter (ng/Nm3), which allows effective sample dilution. The potentially interfering SO2 absorption is completely avoided by the technique.

A specially designed sampling system and sample dilution with nitrogen generated in the CMM cabinet ensure short response times and low memory effects for mercury. Conversion of all Mercury species (HgCl2 etc.) into atomic Mercury takes place just before the measuring cell, ensuring that the total mercury concentration is always measured accurately and reliably. The system calibrates itself automatically with nitrogen, mercury vapor and optionally also mercury chloride solution in order to comply with both European and US regulations.