Compact rotary union and slip ring assembly
5-pol, 100 bar, 20 rpm, IP 64 | Rotokombi GAT


- Combinations of rotary unions with one another and with electrical slip rings
- For all mediums with the most varied pressures
- Simultaneous transmission of electrical currents and signals
- High and low rotational speeds
- Optimally adapted, secure transmission


Rotokombi systems are combinations of various sealing systems from the product families of Rotostat, Rotodisk, Rotopack, Rotodock, Rotocal, and electrical slip rings. Therefore it is possible to transmit several mediums with different pressures and electrical currents and signals simultaneously between stationary and rotating machinery parts. The Rotokombi technology guarantees that for every medium the optimally adapted sealing system is applied. Proven systems and tested components are used, which are assembled specifically for every application according to customer requirements.


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