air compressor / stationary / electrically-powered / centrifugal
max. 103 bar, max. 30 000 m³/h GE Compressors



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    multi-stage, horizontal

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BHGE MCL compressors, along with legacy V and VS compressors, are available in sizes and configurations to meet the unique needs of numerous downstream applications, including ethylene and derivatives, fertilizers, refinery cracking, GTL, PDH, refrigeration and air separation. The maintenance-friendly horizontal split design provides access to rotating element from the top of the compressor, which is extremely useful for a dirty process applications that may produce internal fouling.

Proven around the world, our casings can be cast iron, cast steel or fabricated. Impellers and diffusers are selected from a wide range of available stage technologies developed through our extensive research and development programs which focus on maximizing efficiency for each unique application. Inter-stage and balance piston seals can be conventional labyrinth, abradable, or honeycomb to optimize overall machine performance and minimize losses due to internal recycle. Specialized materials are used when required for demanding services.

For applications with very high flows, our double-flow (DMCL) design keeps casing size and speed within acceptable ranges for peak train efficiency when directly coupled to drivers and/or other compressors. For applications that require intermediate cooling or two separate compression stages, our 2MCL models feature two compression stages in a back-to-back arrangement. Additional side stream nozzles can be provided with the 3MCL model to meet the special requirements of refrigeration or chlorine applications. All connections can be oriented upward or downward to meet plant layout needs.

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