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MFrac™ GE Compressors



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    analysis, planning

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MFrac™ Suite hydraulic fracturing software is field proven and trusted. MFrac makes it easy to design your treatment plan using established engineering design principles to increase your recovery, target your most productive plays while avoiding trouble zones, and optimize your treatment schedules.

MFrac gives engineers the ability to create and execute efficient well stimulation designs in both conventional and unconventional plays, maximizing production and extending the life of your well. By more effectively managing your planning process and integrating real-time data, minifracs, hydraulic fracturing, well production, and economics, you gain confidence in your treatment plan and arrive at more meaningful reserves estimates.

Target the most productive zones, determine effective fracture treatments, and monitor reservoir stimulation in real-time. For more than 25 years, engineers have trusted MFrac Suite software to provide reliable hydraulic fracturing predictions for enhanced investment decisions, better well placements, optimized stimulation treatments, and increased ultimate recovery.