management software / inspection / for external corrosion assesment / real-time
Rightrax PM GE Compressors



  • Function:

    management, inspection

  • Applications:

    for external corrosion assesment

  • Type:



BHGE's corrosion management solution combines cloud-based software built with Rightrax PM installed sensors to monitor the loss of interior wall thickness of pipes, tanks, and vessels. By facilitating the collection of data on wall thickness and temperature, this solution enables the intelligent management of wall loss, supports asset integrity programs, and drives a decrease in downtime.

Corrosion management software will help your business:

Reduce the total cost of inspections for hard to reach or inaccessible locations

Optimize maintenance by potentially reducing early piping replacement

Make informed decisions with the help of out-of-the-box analytics like corrosion rates and remaining life of monitored assets

Save cost associated with over-injecting

Reduce inspector exposure to hard-to-reach, potentially dangerous locations