asset management software / process management / cloud / open platform
GE Compressors



  • Function:

    asset management, process management

  • Type:

    cloud, open platform


Digital technology must be built on a robust and open platform to successfully impact an enterrpise at scale. BHGE’s Platform Enablement allows customers to maximize usage of Cloud Managed Services, regardless of your platform of choice. This open and scalable functionality enables the rapid deployment of applications across an enterprise.

Platform Enablement supports cloud and edge capabilities. It allows for multiple protocols, robust cloud and offline/on premise capabilities and enough elasticity to ensure ‘always on’ performance while delivering operating cost reductions. Integrating with existing applications and systems, Platform Enablement offers enterprise-wide accessibility and the ability to ingest and connect to large volumes of data.

Security, tenancy and access are also vital parts of our Platform Enablement capabilities. Whether you choose to run your deployment on a public or private cloud, as a hosted or managed service, SaaS or PaaS, we draw on our ecosystem of partners (including Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microsoft Azure, or GE Digital’s Predix) to implement best-in-class platform technologies that serve your needs today and in the future.