Linear valve actuator / pneumatic / spring-return / piston
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Created by GE Oil & Gas, the pneumatic actuators are of the piston style. They can be used for motion control valves that are both linear and globular.

Elevated thrusts and extended strokes are provided by this type of piston actuator in comparison to the spring diaphragm styles (Masoneilan Models 67,68, 84, 85, 86, and 51 would be good examples of spring diaphragm types).

Greater pressure drops and tighter valve leakages are handled easily with the improved thrust capabilities and greater control valve responsiveness. These pneumatic actuators are compact and do not weigh much. They come with a fail-safe feature, adaptable design and an override system that functions manually in case of emergencies. All these features serve to provide customers with an excellent actuator that meets a variety of different control valve needs.


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