Computed tomography machine (CT)
240 kV, 23.6 x 19.7" | v|tome|x L 240 GE Inspection Technologies

The phoenix v|tome|x L 240 is a high-resolution microfocus computed tomography (micro ct) system for 3D computed tomography and 2D non-destructive X-ray inspection of e.g. large castings, welding seams, electronic devices and much more.
Key Features:

240 kV / 320 W open microfocus X-ray tube
Optional 2 X-ray sources (240kV microfocus tube and 180kV high-power nanofocus tube)
Up to 10 times increased filament lifetime, ensuring long-term stability and optimizing system efficiency by long-life|filament (optionally)
Up to 2 times faster data acquisition at the same high image quality level by diamond|window (optionally)
Fast CT acquisition and brilliant images by high dynamic temperature-stabilized GE DXR digital detector with 30 fps (frames per second) (optionally)

Customer Benefits:

3D metrology package for dimensional measuring with extremely high precision, reproducibility and user-friendliness
Automated generation of first article inspection reports in < 1 hour possible
Excellent software modules for highest CT quality and ease of use, e.g.
High precision and reproducible 3D metrology by click & measure|CT with datos|x 2.0: fully automated execution of CT scan, reconstruction and analysis process
Accelerated 3D CT reconstruction results within a few seconds or minutes (depending of the volume size) by velo|CT


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