Computed tomography machine (CT)
180 kV, 9.84 x 9.45" | nanotom® m GE Inspection Technologies

The new phoenix nanotom® m is a nanoCT® system for scientific and industrial computed tomography (micro ct and nano ct) and 3D metrology on a wide sample range. With its special designed 180 kV / 15 W high power nanofocus X-ray tube with internal cooling and temperature stabilized digital detector, the system realizes a unique spatial and contrast resolution on a wide sample and application range - from small biological and geological samples to medium sized industrial components like injection nozzels or injection molded plastic parts also with metal inlays. Fully automated execution of CT scan, reconstruction and analysis process ensures its ease of use as well as fast and reliable CT results. Once scanned, the fully three dimensional CT information allows many possibilities for analysis, e.g. non-destructive visualization of slices, arbitrary sectional views, or automatic pore analysis. Since the whole geometry of the object is scanned, precise and reproducible 3D measurements of complex objects and even the automatic generation of first article inspection reports within an hour are possible.


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