CT computed tomography machine
240 kV, 23.6 x 19.7" | v|tome|x L 240 GE Inspection Technologies


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The phoenix v tome x L 240 is a high-resolution microfocus computed tomography (micro ct) system. It is utilized for 3D computed tomography and 2D non-destructive X-ray inspection for applications such as welding seams, electronic devices and large castings.

The v tome x L 240 has a 240 kV/320 W open microfocus X-ray tube. It can provide data acquisition up to 2 times faster while retaining the same high image quality level by using the optional diamond window. The filament lifetime is increased by up to ten times which optimizes the system efficiency and ensures long-term stability. Two optional X-ray sources are available: 240 kV microfocus tube and 180 kV high-power nanofocus tube. A high dynamic temperature-stabilized GE DXR digital detector with 30 frames per second provides brilliant images and fast CT acquisition.

The user-friendly device offers exceptionally high precision and reproducibility with its 3D metrology package for dimensional measuring.


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