X-ray image visualization software
VISTAPLUS V GE Inspection Technologies


  • Function:

    X-ray image visualization


Vistaplus V uses a series of digital image enhancement support setup to make it functional and ready to use for many x-ray radioscopic images. This works with many image acquisition controls to make it ready to be used with care. This is made to process images and macros.

The program will filter live images in real time to ensure that the units that are being inspected are reviewed with care. This will acquire images and use a 1k digital camera at 12 bits. This can manage two monitors or three at a time and can use a non-tearing live image that works with monitoring for noise reduction needs while preventing smears from developing. This is all made to work with 33 predefined digital filter controls and can even support some user-defined options. This can also work with image processing macros.

The zoom feature goes from 0.1 to 8x and overlay tools may also be added. The illumination mode may also be used to help identify different images in real time.


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