Vickers hardness tester / portable / ultrasonic
MIC 10 GE Inspection Technologies


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MIC 10 is known for the convenient and quick on-site hardness testing, which is done according to the UCI method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance), which is also compatible with the DIN 50156 and ASTM A956 standards. The diamond indent in the surface of the material is measured electronically, being instantly displayed without the use of the cumbersome optical evaluation, which is associated with conventional hardness testers.

With the press of a key, users can easily display a single value, as well as active arithmetical single values of a hardness measurement set. They can also edit erroneous single values without requiring any interruption in terms of the measurement set. The alarm is adjustable and comes with both audible and visual alarms. The calibration measurement parameters on low and non-alloyed steel are pre-programmed into the MIC10, but can be quickly and easily recalibrated to other materials.


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