digital hygrometer / benchtop / dew-point / relative humidity
Optica GE Measurement & Control



  • Display:


  • Configuration:


  • Measured value:

    dew-point, relative humidity

  • Other characteristics:

    chilled mirror

  • Applications:


  • Temperature:

    Min.: 0 °C (32 °F)

    Max.: 50 °C (122 °F)


The device of Optica Hygrometer extends prompt and precise measuring solutions for dew point. This equipment comes with chilled mirror sensing technology engineered by GE. It allows for efficient reading of traceable humidity, pressure and temperature measurement through the global intranet.

The dew point temperature can be measured by the Optica Chilled Mirror Hygrometer in the most sophisticated measures. The temperature of polished metallic mirror is regulated by optical feedback of dew mass or frost maintenance. The precise measurement of the mirror's temperature can be conducted because of PRTD which is equal to dew or frost point.

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