Heat recovery air handling unit
CAIRplus GEA Delbag-Lufttechnik


The GEA CAIRplus (CAIR = Customized Air) range of models supports you in meeting your customer requirements in the best way possible. The new generation offers a large number of model sizes. Whether an interior or exterior unit, vertical or horizontal installation, one over the other, behind each other, or next to each other – almost every type of installation is available.

Great diversity of models
The enclosure design of the GEA CAIRplus units is a combination of aluminium profiles and panels. In special cases, this especially sturdy construction even allows complete assembly on location. All panels, doors and flaps can be mounted and dismantled from the outside. In addition, a thermally separated design is also offered, providing the possibility – apart from a completely separation model – of thermally separating only the enclosure parts endangered by condensation.


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