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air compressor / stationary / electric / piston
HG CO2 GEA Wiegand



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    Min.: 1.6 m³/h (56.5 ft³/h)

    Max.: 48.2 m³/h (1,702.17 ft³/h)


Based on our current semi-hermetic product range, with its outstanding advantages and features, as well as the derived and long-used basic range, there is now a perfectly matched compressor series available for use with CO2 in sub-critical cascade systems. They are particularly suited to supermarket applications and industrial cooling systems.Gas-cooled semi-hermetic piston compressor
Subcritical CO2 operating conditions
Displacement from 1,6 to 48,2 m³/h (50 Hz)
Operating pressures of up to 51 bar (15°C)
Designed for subcritical CO2: LP 40 bar (27 bar) / HP 55 bar
Highest efficiency at low temperature applications (to < -15°C)High compressor efficiency for low operating costs
High durable compressor design
Wide operating limits and wide frequency range for different applications
Continuously variable speed control system available as a plug & play accessory
Consumes up to 25% less energy compared to compressors using a usual capacity regulator
Good operational characteristics with low vibration, pulsations and low noise levels
High stand still pressure for best operating conditions
Applications: Commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration