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air compressor / stationary / electric / piston
HGX series GEA Wiegand



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    Min.: 7.7 m³/h (271.92 ft³/h)

    Max.: 38.2 m³/h (1,349.02 ft³/h)


HG CO2 Compressors Transcritical
Semi-hermetic transcritical CO2 compressors using R744 as natural refrigerant. The compressors are ideally suited for use in transcritical CO2 applications.Gas-cooled semi-hermetic piston compressor
Displacement from 7,7 to 38,2 m³/h (50 Hz)
Operating pressures of up to 130 bar
Designed for transcritical CO2:
LP 100 bar / HP 150 bar
Highest efficiency in the market with COP of more than 1,85 (50 Hz [1450 U/min], evaporating -10°C, gas cooler outlet 35°C/90 bar, superheat 10 K)
Highest compressor efficiency for low operating costs
High durable compressor design
Reliable and safe oil supply through pump lubrication
Good operational characteristics with low vibration, low pulsation and low noise level
Wide operating limits and wide frequency range for different applications
One of the biggest capacity ranges
[> 38 m³/h (transcritical
High stand still pressure for best operating conditions
Longest CO2 compressor experiences in the market (since 1993)
Applications: Heat pumps, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration