video corpo cad

Automatic shrink wrapping machine / without sealing bar


  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristic:

    without sealing bar

  • Throughput:

    120 p/min


VersaFilm® operates at high speed reaching to 120cycles/min. It is shrink-wrapping without the use of a sealing bar with communication operating through print-registered film. With the use of a dual injection system, automatic film reel changeover is possible. It also uses low energy shrink tunnel and a compact servo-driven injection table. The shrink packaging machines work at high speeds making them simple to use without compromising the many benefits they offer because of the innovative modular approach by Cermex.

When it comes to product collation, these provide a diagonal infeed system, pneumatic selection channels, a pin-gating selection and the patented system called regulated flow selection. With the removable cassette, adaptable to every format, the shrink-packaging machine manages all types of products and collations. This includes nested product bundles and unstable products, facilitating format changeovers quickly and easily.

Its compact servo-driven injection table also helps by delivering a high-quality performance in product lapping.


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