automatic shrink wrapping machine / with traveling sealing bar / multi-function



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  • Other characteristic:

    with traveling sealing bar, multi-function

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Flexibility, high speed and continuous operation.
Up to 30 cycles/min.
Good quality bundles thanks to efficient air circulation in tunnel.
Easy film loading : 90° film reel holder.
Adjustable in 5 minutes with use of quick release handles for adjustments and quick disconnects for change parts.
Film perforation for easier opening.
Single lane speed: up to 28 bundles per minute.
Capacity of handling a wide range of product shapes ans sizes.

Technical characteristics

Shrink-wrapping with traveling sealing bar.
Up to 30 cycles/min max speed.
Capable of handling cartons, bottles (including shaped ones), jars and pre-filled trays.
Capable of handling multiple bundle configuration, single or multi-layers.
Neutral film on single or dual lanes.
Traveling sealing bar.
Advanced Solid Bar Welding System for strong, attractive welds.
Product collating system
Left or right 90 degree or in-line infeed conveyor :
In-line infeed (AEL): Compact machine, easy to fit into layout - Indexing belt for supported or stacked products.
Automatic right-angle infeed (AAE): Reliable solution at high speed - Quick and easy format changeovers.
Scroll infeed with/or cantilever flight bar (CPF VIS or CPF): Quick format changeovers.
Product lapping
The traveling sealing bar enables the continuous flow of products.
The automatic top film feeding system guarantees product stability when the sealing bar descends.
No transfer zones: single product conveyor from machine infeed to out feed.
90° film reel holder: This device enables quick and ergonomic changeovers by the operator.