Automatic sleeve wrapping machine without seal bar
max. 120 c/min | VersaFilm® GEBOCERMEX

Shrink-wrapping without sealing bar

Communication by print registred film
High speed of up to 120 cycles/mn
Automatic film reel changeover by Dual Injection System (DIS)
Compact servo-driven injection table
Low energy shrink tunnel

VersaFilm® shrink packaging machine range: innovative shrink wrapping machines without sealing bar

Cermex re-invents the shrink packaging machine

VersaFilm® high speed shrink wrapping machines without sealing bar are simple to use and deliver numerous benefits, thanks to Cermexs innovative modular approach.
For product collation, the VersaFilm® shrink packaging machine offers a diagonal infeed system (CCO), pin-gating selection (SDI), pneumatic selection channels (CLP) and the patented Regulated Flow Selection (SFR) system.
A removable cassette, adaptable to each format, enables the VersaFilm® shrink packaging machine to handle all types of collations and products, including unstable products and nested product bundles, and facilitates quick and easy format changeovers.
A compact servo-driven injection table delivers high performance product lapping in single, dual or triple lanes, with thermal sealing under the bundle. The whole rack is removable and maintenance is tool-free, and factory settings require no future adjustments, whatever the film thickness from 20 to 80 microns used.

VersaFilm® shrink wrapping machines without sealing bar also offer exceptional productivity benefits, thanks to the Dual Injection System DIS automatic film reel changeover, which enables the machine to continue operating during changeover, with no operator presence required.


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