conveyor furnace / gas / controlled atmosphere / for the electronics industry
2500 Series Gebr. SCHMID GmbH



  • Configuration:


  • Heat source:


  • Atmosphere:

    controlled atmosphere

  • Other characteristics:

    for the electronics industry, for printed circuit boards

  • Maximum temperature:

    1,050 °C (1,922 °F)


The 2500 Series Controlled Atmosphere Conveyor Furnace from SCHMID is designed for precision processing in manufacturing operations requiring performance of the highest quality and consistency. Rated to 1050 °C, these furnaces include a gas-tight alloy muffle and feature an ultra-clean low-mass refractory heating chamber. Technologically advanced heating elements and control systems work together to create exceptionally stable temperature uniformity and repeatability throughout the process chamber. Multiple tiers of graded, power-saving insulation keep energy bills low, even at the highest processing temperatures.

SCHMID’s innovative and product specific atmosphere distribution and management systems optimize the process results. A controlled atmosphere capability of 1-3 ppm above source gas purity is guaranteed. Through extraction of burn-off effluents across the entire chamber width keeps part yields high. SCHMID muffles are designed for maximum rigidity and durability under extreme operating conditions insuring years of trouble free manufacturing.

The Furnace Monitoring System (FMS) is the culmination of decades of thermal processing expertise, and incorporates the latest technology in digital controls and monitoring systems. The result is a powerful yet intuitive interface with comprehensive data logging, process control, and process characterization features.