paperless recorder / carbon dioxide
0 - 5 000 ppm | TGE-0011 Gemini Data Loggers (UK)



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    carbon dioxide


The TGE-0011 CO2 data logger has a range of 0 to 5,000ppm which is ideal for building monitoring where more specialised applications require the reading of a wider CO2 range.
Tinytag CO2 data loggers use a self-calibrating NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) sensor to accurately monitor carbon dioxide levels. It is suitable for use in monitoring offices, workplaces, and schools to ensure that rooms are well ventilated and CO2 levels do not exceed recommended limits.
The TGE-0011 is priced at £350.
A starter pack that includes this CO2 data logger, the Tinytag Explorer Software and a download cable is available for just £375.
For more information on CO2 monitoring, please see this application sheet: CO2 Monitoring.

0 to 5,000ppm
<± (50ppm +3% of measuring value) accuracy
0.1ppm reading resolution
Self-calibrating to ensure accuracy
Mains powered (UK, EU & US adaptor supplied)
Discreet design for unobtrusive deployment
Flashing red LED indicates if power supply interrupted
User-defined upper ppm level limit will trigger LED

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