fire detector / flame / infrared / ultraviolet light
ATEX, FM, CSA, CE, SIL 3 | FL3100H General Monitors



  • Application:


  • Detected entity:

    flame, infrared

  • Technology:

    ultraviolet light

  • Other characteristics:

    for fire safety applications


The Model FL3100H is an Ultraviolet / Infrared flame detector designed to detect fires and provide alarm outputs directly from the detector while maintaining false alarm immunity. It detects fires by monitoring in both the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) spectral ranges, making it highly immune to false alarms. Configurations with dual Modbus and HART are available. Modbus and HART data can be used for predictive maintenance.The flame detector's electronics are integral within its explosion-proof housing, allowing detector information to be processed at the point of detection.