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Second Sight TC is a remote gas detection system that provides an additional layer of safety in the detection of combustible and toxics gases. Its advanced gas sensor array detects multiple gases simultaneously, features a wide 30º field of view and operates at ranges of up to 2,000 m. Gas cloud imaging allows plants to be run at higher levels of safety, efficiency, and economy through the ability to supervise large areas, identify the gas species when leaks occur, and see gas dilution in the atmosphere in real time. In addition, Second Sight can be integrated into fire and gas panels through Ethernet and Modbus TCP/IP. Second Sight requires no gas calibration in the field. An automatic optical check performed every 30 minutes assesses optical path integrity, optical alignment and the position of the focal plane. The result is a system that demands little maintenance and is immune to major sources of nuisance alarms. It is ideal for gas turbines, LNG/LPG processing and storage facilities, gas compressor stations, refineries, chemical plants and more.


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