digital I O module / Modbus / remote / explosion-proof
ATEX - Modbus, Profibus, HART GEORGIN S.A.



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    explosion-proof, stainless steel


The Field Bus System - Zone 1 mounting has built-in,IP66-certified modules that are deployed in field housing. The deployment in zone 1 is made of polyester or stainless steel. The intelligent combination of dangerous area security purpose and the product also has a encapsulated modules for tough environments. The binary, analogue, RTD100, TC, voltage, frequency signals and the power supplies are 24 Vdc, 110 Vac 230 Vac.

The modules 2 to 8 channels for binary signals and modules 1 to 4 channels are for analogue signals. The product is manufactured by Regulateurs GEORGIN co.,ltd and assembled in China.

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