Digital I/O card / PXI Express / distributed / 6U
6U, 32 I/O | GX5050 Geotest - Marvin Test Systems


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    PXI Express

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The GX5050 is a high speed Dynamic Digital I/O card that provides a full set of features that is comparable to high speed I/O products found in large functional test systems. The card shares an identical architecture with the GC5050,but the GX5050 is a PXI card (6U) and the GC5050 is a PCI card. Both have the ability to operate independently of the host computer when in RUN mode.

The GX5050 provides real-time digital stimulus and capture with 32 pins per card. Up to 16 cards can be daisy-chained for a total of up to 512 pins. The 32 pins can be configured as input or output groups of eight. The direction of each group can be changed dynamically with the sequencer, externally, or via both methods. There is also a 16-bit external bus for triggering and synchronization with external events.
Clock and strobe signals are distributed to the cards via a daisy-chained ribbon cable. These signals can be generated internally or externally. The external control signals allow full synchronization with the unit under test (UUT) and minimize the initialization part of the test.


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