CAM software / CAD / for the clothing industry
AccuMark Pattern Design, Grading, Marker Making Gerber Technology



  • Function:

    CAM, CAD

  • Applications:

    for the clothing industry


The AccuMark Pattern Design Software by Gerber Technology is specifically designed to provide a good quality performance mainly in the fashion industry. The pattern design software has been the reliable system for fashion designers which ensures a high and precise measurement and patterns. The users can easily operate the software due to its easy and quick to use functionality which keeps the designers or users from consuming too much time. The users can also easily digitize their existing hard patterns into the AccuMark system using the GERBERdigitizer XLd manual digitizing system or AccuScan automated digitizing system. Through the AccuMark pattern design software, the users can always rely on the repository of the patterns to minimize its loss due to a disaster.