hydro-pneumatic rivet gun / for blind rivets
TAURUS® 4 GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for blind rivets

  • Rivet diameter:

    Min.: 6.4 mm

    Max.: 8 mm


Working range
Sets blind rivets up to 6.4 mm Ø all materials
and up to 8 mm Ø alu (max. mandrel dia.
4.5 mm)
Technical data
Weight: 2.0 kg
Operating air pressure: 5-7 bar
Air hose connection: 6 mm Ø (1/4’’)
Air consumption: approx. 4.8 ltr. per rivet
Traction power: 23.000 N at 6 bar
Stroke: 19 mm
Nosepieces:17/36, 17/40 and 17/45,
maintenance wrench SW12/14, SW14/17,
1 hydraulic oil bottle 100 ml, 1 oil refi ll can,
Operating instructions with spare parts list

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