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blind rivet / large head / plastic / tri-fold type
GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH



  • Type:


  • Head:

    large head

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    tri-fold type

  • Length:

    Max.: 21 mm

    Min.: 6 mm

  • Body diameter:

    3.2 mm, 4 mm, 4.8 mm


GESIPA® Solid Riveting develops and produces solid and semitubular rivets. These joining elements are a technical and efficient alternative to screw connections or other jointing systems. Different dimensions, materials and head shapes cover a wide range of applications.
Main features
• Reduced overall costs compared to screw connections
• No relative movements, e.g. hole filling capabilities
• Permanent connection
• High endurance strength
• Corrosion protection with our own Sherard or SheraBlack® process*
Application-related consultation accompanied by in-house tests make the "solid rivets" fully definable so that they can be adapted to any application with our rivet specification:
• Shear force
• Tensile force
• Grip force
• Corrosion resistance: unriveted and riveted

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