hydro-pneumatic rivet gun / for blind rivets
GBM 95 (Hydro-pneumatic blind rivet nut setting tool) GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH


  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for blind rivets


Blind rivet nuts from M3 up to M10
all materials
Technical data
Weight: 2.3 kg
Operating air pressure: 6 bar
Air hose connection: 6 mm Ø (1/4’’)
Air consumption: ca. 8 ltr. per riveting
Traction power: 15,700 N (1,600 kp)
Stroke: 7 mm
• Patented, drill-in and out system for threaded
mandrels – time saving
• The compressed air used for the setting process is
then used to automatically drill off the threaded
mandrel – effi ciently
• Simple stroke setting – safe and complete setting
of the blind rivet nuts
• Setting process: Hydraulic in an axial stroke action
– no twisting or turning of the blind rivet nuts and
no damage to the surface
• Easy one-hand operation – rational and
• Pneumatic locking of threaded mandrel –
fast change without tools
• Hydraulic head; aluminium with wear-proof
cylinder surface
• Pneumatic cylinder: aluminium with impactresistance
plastic sheath
Model article number: 727 0143 / 0208 / 0194 / 0186 / 0178 / 0151


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