die sinking electrical discharge machine / CNC / precision / for micro-machining
FORM X 400 GF Machining Solutions



  • Type:

    die sinking

  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, precision, for micro-machining

  • X travel:

    400 mm

  • Y travel:

    300 mm

  • Z travel:

    350 mm


AgieCharmilles FORM X series
Designed for extreme accuracy and uncompromising quality

GF Machining Solutions’ new AgieCharmilles FORM X series guarantees very high precision in die-sinking electrical discharge machining (EDM) by mastering temperature fluctuations. The result is superbly precise machining of complex applications where there is no room for error.

Master temperature fluctuations
The sophisticated and unique thermo control system compensates for temperature variations by using temperature-stable dielectric to cool the X, Y and Z glass scales, as well as the Z axis ball screw. In assembly, the sinker EDM machine body is thermally isolated from the high-speed Z axis, which is cooled with dielectric fluid.

Extreme positioning accuracy
The AgieCharmilles FORM X die-sinking EDM series’ structure has been specially designed with a frame of polymeric material that ensures constant positioning accuracy: The machine’s extreme robustness means that all the mechanical forces are absorbed so that an accurate gap between the part and the electrode is maintained.