flammable gas detector / carbon monoxide / multi-gas / portable
G999 GfG - Gesellschaft für Gerätebau



  • Detected entity:

    flammable gas, carbon monoxide

  • Application:


  • Other characteristics:



with an integrated suction pump as well as an optional Bluetooth and radio module
The Polytector III G999 is worldwide the smallest and most light-weighted 4-7 gas measurement device with an integrated electrical suction pump and a radio module. Depending on the sensor equipment, the device will warn against risks caused by toxic as well as flammable gases and vapours and against lack and excess of oxygen. By individual sensor combinations and a comprehensive accessory, the G999 will satisfy any profile of requirements.

Easy operation
The Polytector is ready for operation after having it switched on. The main functions - peak display, LED lamp, alarm reset, display zoom and rotating display to the wearing position - will be each controlled with a simple keystroke. It is possible to conveniently navigate with three buttons in the user menu, in order to change the device settings or to read the data logger.