Vacuum furnace
2 100 °F | VF-40 GH Induction Atmospheres


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Our VF-40 Vacuum Furnace is designed to heat parts of virtually any shape
in a high temperature, high vacuum environment. Although the compact 7’x7’ (2134 x2134 mm) footprint fits easily into your manufacturing cell, our furnace can reach temperatures as high as 2100°F(1149°C).
The chamber has a typical ultimate vacuum of 5x10-6
Torr with a leak rate of less than 3 microns per hour.
With the VF-40’s quick, clean induction heating system, 1900°F(1038°C)
can be reached in less than 15 minutes. Cool down to 1200°F
(649°C) from maximum temperature can be achieved in less 5.5
minutes. Temperature uniformity is rated at ±25°F at 2000°F
(+/- 14°C at 1093°C)


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