graphic display / dot-matrix / IP65 / RS485
migra SC/MC GHM Messtechnik GmbH



  • Type:

    graphic, dot-matrix

  • Other characteristics:

    IP65, RS485, IP54, cost-effective


LED-dot matrix
●Character size 30..100 mm
●Single colour red (SC), multi colour red, yellow, green (MC)
●Up to 320 characters, depending on character hight
●Interface RS485, Profibus, AS-Interface or Ethernet
●Protection class IP54 or IP65
The migra SC/MC graphics and text compatible large size LED display can be used universally for display of production data or as an information board.
The modular design allows cost-effective models of various sizes with different character heights and number of digits.
Thanks to the high resolution LED dot matrix display, characters as well as graphics are crystal clear.
Especially important information can be colour-highlighted with the multicolour model (MC).