Safety shower / with eyewash station
78 + 15 l/min, 2.4 – 7 bar | 822 3697 Gia Premix ab


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    with eyewash station


GIA Premix presents 822 3697 shower and eye/face wash. It is fixed on a wall. Its bowl/cover are made of stainless steel. The eye and face wash is of self-draining type. The unit features automatic pressure and flow controls. It has a flow rate of 78 + 15 l/min. It can handle working pressure of between 2.4-7 bar. It has a ¾ BSP supply inlet and 1¼ BSP. The face wash has brass ball valves with chrome plating. It has a stainless steel shower head.

Pipes are made of hot dip galvanized steel. Twin eye/face wash heads are made of ABS plastic. It has built-in flip top dust covers. It has a stainless steel receptor and dust cover. This cover safeguards the bowl and unit from dust and other pollutants. The cover is raised by pressure on flag. The device includes a universal emergency sign.


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